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  • Repair strategies;

  • Cost estimates for reconstruction;

  • Project management including building design, civil and structural design, planning of building reconstruction, tender documentation & administration and contract administration.

  • Structural assessments; determining the cause and recommended reparation method;

  • Advisory; and

  • Expert Witness.


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DWA has extensive experience with assessing underperforming structures, materials and components.


These include flood and wind damage, earthquake loading, and failure of structures. After the cause of the failure is determined, the proposed method of repair is formulated to achieve a low cost solution.


Our conclusions are always reached after thorough investigations and our reports are respected for their impartiality and ability to be understood by those outside the engineering industry.


Additionally, David Wills has been engaged to provide forensic engineering services as an Expert Witness on numerous legal matters where uncertainty or controversy surrounds a particular failure.

Examples of our Work:

Please visit our Projects page to see more.

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