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Part of Bentley Plaza Shopping Centre was destroyed by a fire in the early morning of Thursday November 16, 2017. Unit S1, at the source of the fire, was extensively damaged, with considerable smoke and water damage occurring in the neighbouring 4 units.


David Wills and Associates attended early the next day, confirming the structural adequacy of the fire damaged structure, permitting access for work to commence.


The remedial works were broken down into 2 Stages. Stage 1 was to focus on returning the neighbouring units to operation as efficiently as possible. David Wills and Associates worked closely with the owners, builders and centre management to develop a scope of repairs, and supervised completion of the works. Businesses located in the neighbouring units were able to recommence trading just days after the fire.


Stage 2 of the works focused on the heavily damaged Unit S1. A creative solution was developed to reinstate the existing concrete panels, sparing the cost of a full replacement and allowing the neighbouring gym to continue operating at full capacity throughout. The concrete panels were readjusted to vertical using a strongback system and surface cracks and blemishes where repaired using epoxy systems. The panels were then ground back to the substrate and painted.


The team at David Wills and Associates worked to ensure reinstatement of Unit S1 was completed at an economical price and in an efficient timeframe. This included;


  • Structural design of remedial steel works and concrete panel works.

  • Development of remedial scope of works.

  • Contract management including; preparing tender documents, organising tender bids and evaluating received tenders.

  • Organising the building permit, ensuring works were compliant with the Building Code of Australia.

  • Supervision of remedial works, acting as the Superintendent for the project.


Works were completed in early May 2018, less than 6 months after the fire.

Project Summary


Nov 2017


May 2018


Services Provided:

Assess fire damaged unit and supervise repair

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