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DWA works closely with the Water Corporation, SERCUL, local authorities and other governing bodies, designing & upgrading existing main drains and streams, incorporating them with ever-encroaching urban developments.


Prior to establishing DWA, David Wills spent 12 years with the Water Corporation, where he managed the Water Resource Perth South region, and researched, designed and constructed major drainage capital works projects.   

He was a key author in the Water Corporation’s Main Drainage Manual and also undertook the installation of a network of Gauging stations in the Perth area, and modelled stormwater runoff and stream flow routing. 

Our team has extensive experience in Water Resource Management and Stormwater Drainage and have prepared drainage strategies for urban developments including town centres and residential subdivisions, main drainage systems and wetland management.  We have also prepared a number of urban water management strategies and plans for residential developments.

We can assist with Asset Management Plans for sewerage schemes run by Local Authorities, including compliance with the Economic Regulation Authority Western Australia audit requirements and have the ability to create and update asset registers and maintenance schedules. 

Examples of our Work:

Please visit our Projects page to see more.

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  • Stormwater drainage

  • Hydraulic control structures including gauging weirs;

  • Vacuum sewer;

  • Sewer and water reticulation;

  • Strategic drainage plans;

  • Urban water management plans;

  • Local water management plans;

  • Bio-retention basins;

  • Sewer pump stations and pressure main design

  • Water Corporation main drain upgrades.


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