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David Wills and Associates are proud members of the following organisations:

  • Institute of Engineers Australia

  • National Engineers Registers (NER)

  • Asia Pacific Economic Co-operations Co-Ordinating Commitee (APEC)

In addition to servicing Western Australia, we are also able to provide engineering services in Queensland, Victoria and Northern Territory having memberships to the following:

  • Victorian Building Authority

  • Board of Professional Engineers Queensland

  • Northern Territory Building Practitioners Board


Engineers Australia.png

David Wills and Associates is proud to have gained membership to the following panels:

  • Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA)

  • ​Building Management and Works (BMW), Department of Finance (Civil Engineering and Civil Hydrology)

  • The Water Corporation's List of Prequalified Developer's Engineering Consultants

David Wills has also been invited to sit on the following:

  • Interview panel for the Civil College Institution of Engineers, Australia in regards to CPEng assessment and approvals

  • Advisory Committee for Curtin University – Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

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