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In mid 2010, the newly renovated Byford Tavern was destroyed by fire causing $2.5 million worth of damage.  David Wills and Associates project managed the reconstruction of the building which included structural design, coordination of architectural design and services design.  

David Wills and Associates attended site after the fire damage occurred and wrote a report of the structural damage and recommended repair works.  In consultation with the insurer, it was determined that to retain the walls and slab, approximately $300,000 would be saved, as well as 3 months of income insurance.  
David Wills and Associates were then commissioned to project manage the reconstruction, including structural and civil design.  David Wills and Associates coordinated and managed all consultants including architects, electrical, and air conditioning. David Wills and Associates designed all services including fire, water, sewerage, drainage and communications, as well as the structural components.  Several design meetings were held with the architect, owner, insurer and electrical consultant.


David Wills and Associates wrote the tender documentation for the reconstruction and called tenders to AS2124.  We inspected the construction regularly and advised whether the structure had not been built to comply with the design by verbal communications and issuing site instructions.  We authorised variations for the construction where required, and held fortnightly site meetings to liaise with all the consultants and parties involved.  Monthly payment certificates were provided to the insurer with regular progress updates with an estimated completion time.  

Based on previous projects, the tavern was originally estimated by the insurers to be complete within 18 months, however under David Wills and Associates management the tavern was completed and re-established as a facility in the community within 10 months.

Project Summary


July 2010


April 2011


Services Provided:

Civil and Structural Design; Project Management

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