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David Wills & Associates were appointed by Salim Lee Architects to carry out the structural and civil design for the aged care facility located at 22 Wheatcroft street, Scarborough. The building houses 105 rooms for the elderly with the addition of a cinema, saloon and various other amenities. The completed cost of the building is estimated at 35 million dollars.

The building is a split level concrete framed structure consisting primarily of a central core with North and South wings on either side.

The north wing is four storeys high, the ground floor has been split into two distinctly different usable areas. The section closest to the core of the building accommodates a cinema, banquet hall, gymnasium, café, hair salon and massage areas. This area is enclosed by the building. The second area is open with gardens, children’s play area and a small number of parking bays. The three upper floors of the north wing house forty-five bedrooms, along with a number of lounge and parlour rooms. 

The south wing is five storeys high, the ground floor of this wing and the area occupied by the central core is an under croft that will allow for twenty-eight car parking bays and has headroom height to allow for large vehicle deliveries and ambulance access. The four upper floors of the south wing house sixty bedrooms, along with a number of lounge, sun and hobby rooms.

The central core is six storeys high, the ground floor as previously mentioned houses the under croft. The upper four floors house the main entrance lobby, a number of lounges, cafeterias, dinning, conference, staff and reading rooms. Located on the sixth floor there is a roof garden. 

The structure is constructed using transflor continuous slabs that bear onto a series of concrete beams, columns and the perimeter precast concrete walls at the upper floors. These loads are then transferred at level 2 to a transfer slab system, that in turn transfers the loads to the supporting columns and foundations. 

Project Summary


Feb 2015


May 2018


Services Provided:

Structural and Civil Design, Site Supervision

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