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Multiple Locations across Australia


David Wills & Associates and Patterned Concrete Walls have been working together to provide precast concrete noise walls for over 8 years. During this time, DWA have assisted PC Walls to develop and expand their wall systems, and establish standard wall designs which offer fantastic aesthetics, while being cost effective for clients.

Working with PC Walls, where a standard wall design is not suitable a project specific design will be developed between ourselves and the client from concept stage through to a complete engineered product, ready for installation. In keeping with our values, we pride ourselves in providing creative and practical solutions, whilst respecting the environment and sustainability.


We provide PC Walls with a number of structural engineering services:

Structural Design – For all products offered by PCW, either standard walls or conceptual products, we prepare structural design calculations to Australian Standards, along with complete 3D Modelling and Structural Analysis using the latest software and technologies, where required.

Design Drawings – We prepare structural design drawings in AutoCAD and output to PDF format. The drawing set is kept simple, clear and concise yet provides all details required to obtain a building permit and take the design into casting and fabrication. As the lead-in times are often critical, we are able to provide construction drawings to meet PC Walls casting schedules, which minimises delays in getting out to site and optimises progress for a quick delivery to the client.

Construction Support – During the noise wall construction phase, DWA liaise with PCW to ensure installation of the noise walls runs smoothly and without incident. Where problems are encountered, DWA provide PCW engineering knowledge and advice in the form of design discussions, consultation and relevant design sketches and/or drawings as required. This process is expedited as a priority to avoid delays to construction and/or client submissions.

Remediation Advice – In the unlikely event of a failure or fault with the wall system during or after the construction phase, we can assist PC Walls to find the most economical method of remediation whilst achieving satisfactory structural stability, with minimal impact on any other construction.

Site Visits/Inspections – We often attend site with just 24 hours’ notice, within the Perth Metropolitan Area, to assist and provide engineering support on demand. During the normal life of a project, site visits are generally kept to a minimum to reduce the associated fees.

Structural Certification – We employ a number of Senior and/or Chartered Engineers and provide Structural Certification for any installation by PC Walls. We also offer our structural certification to meet any of PC Walls client’s requirements, whether it is additional site signage attached to noise walls or bespoke precast concrete products.



Dec 2011




Services Provided:

Structural design and documentation, construction support

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