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Shire of Ashburton

David Wills and Associates were engaged in a Design Construct Contract for the provision of a 750m of all-weather sealed access road, car parking (80+ bays), bus access and parking (5 bays), taxi ways, and aprons associated with the development of the Onslow Airport.

Roads and car parking construction comprised a mix of areas with concrete kerbing (urban construction) through to open swale drains (rural road construction).

The works also included integration of the Airport Access Road with a Main Roads WA controlled intersection.  
Design of the stormwater drainage conveyance systems provided for high intensity rainfall events and consideration of entry structure blockages.

To control access around the Airport Terminal, detailed linemarking and signage plans were provided.

Design of a private water main and property services to serve the Airport Building and adjacent habitable structures was also included in the scope of works.  The design involved minimising the size of connection to the Water Corporation main and headworks charges, while providing sufficient flows to the Airport Terminal. 

Project Summary


April 2015


Oct 2015


Services Provided:

Civil Engineering design, documentation and drafting

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