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Kellerberrin District High School


Building Management Works approached David Wills and Associates to provide advice for the repair of the playground at Kellerberrin District High School. The existing playground surface had extensive cracking throughout.

Following a site visit, David Wills and Associates deemed that the best option would be to remove the existing asphalt surface and replace it with a fit for purpose option. This involved removing the existing clay subgrade and the placement of a gravel subgrade. A minimum 35mm thick asphalt concrete pavement was laid to form the new playground base. On this surface, 3 layers of a non-slip, abrasion resistant acrylic surfacing was applied to form the finished surface. Other treatments involved installing handrails, new basketball/netball nets and line markings.

David Wills and Associates prepared construction drawings, a Scope of Works, provided guidance to Building Management Works on the most suitable Contractor and provided technical support during construction.

The finished project improved the safety and appearance of the playground surface. The old surface was cracked for at least 20 years and presented a safety hazard to the school’s students.

The layout of the basketball/netball court was also changed with a view to improving the safety of the students – a buffer zone around the court was required to ensure that students did not run into any obstacles accidentally.



March 2016


June 2016


Services Provided:

Strategic planning, tender documentation, technical support

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